My Body, My Wedding Dress - Bridal Portrait Project
Besides my work with wedding photography, I am also a fashion photographer, and I focus a lot of my work on the plus size industry, and like any other industry there’s a lack of representation of plus size women, but the bridal industry is even worse. I hear so many bad experiences starting with the first one, picking your dress. This shouldn’t be something you are afraid to do, your wedding day is something that you are looking forward to and is the most special day of your life. You should not be afraid to put a wedding dress on and you should feel beautiful the way you are. Luckily some companies are now carrying bigger sizes, not only that, giving you beautiful choices as well, and not just “that one that fits”

I love all my brides, no matter their size, but it makes me very excited to create this project focusing on the plus sized community. My focus is to create beautiful images that inspire you to be feel more beautiful and confident on your wedding day. 

I had the idea for this project for almost a year now and it's a amazing seeing it live now.
I would like to thank Lovely Bride, they are so amazing for helping me with this project by lending me their beautiful gowns. I would also like to thank the beautiful Maxey @maxeygreene for posing and Natátlia @natstracieri for doing such a great job with hair and makeup.

Here's the result of the first part of this project.

Model: Maxey Greene @Maxeygreene
MUAH: Natália Stracieri @Natstracieri
Gowns: Lovely Bride 
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